RESIDENTS are urging the authorities to do something to prevent traffic chaos on a road in Llandrindod Wells, and a potential fatal accident.

For a number of years, residents have been calling for action to stop people from parking on double yellow lines on Tremont Road, the main trunk road through the spa town.

However they have accused the council and the police of not taking responsibility, and have said that the problem is an “accident waiting to happen.”

Emma Carmichael, who lives in Tremont Road, said people are parking on double yellow lines through the day, night and weekends.

She said: “People are speeding up to try and get past the parked cars so we have lots of horn blowing and screeching of brakes outside our house and it really is an accident waiting to happen.

“There are many parents who walk their children to and from school along this busy stretch of road and we are fearful of something terrible happening to either them or their children, so something really needs to be done about it.

“Only the other week our neighbour had to be taken in to hospital and the ambulance was unable to park directly outside her house because of the cars parked across the road.

“A few years ago a lorry shed its load of logs right outside our house as it had to brake hard because a guy in a Range Rover was determined to squeeze past the parked cars before the lorry.

“This really could have been fatal if anyone was walking on the pavement at the time, which did actually occur around the time the children were coming home from school.

“But the authorities did not seem particularly worried or disturbed by this and I fear they will not become involved until a fatal accident occurs.”

Powys County Council (PCC) has recently announced it will be bringing parking charges to a former free car park on Tremont Road.

Ms Carmichael, and other residents believe this will only add to the problem.

She said: “To add to this problem PCC are now going to be charging residents to park in the Tremont Road residents’ car park from next month which means more and more people are likely to park on the roadside. 

“Many of them will park on the double yellow lines either side of the white parking bay area and again are happy to do this overnight and at weekends.

“No-one seems particularly interested in this issue - I have contacted the police, the council and the Police and Crime Commissioner and they all just ‘bat’ the issue back and forth between each other instead of working together to solve the problem.”

Mary and John Davies have been running a Lawnmower repair shop in Tremont Road for 52 years, and have lived in the house next door for 51 years.

The couple fought to have parking bays put in near their store for customers and businesses, but feel this has been abused by residents.

They have been pushing for something to be done to stop parking problems in the past, but have so far got nowhere.

Mrs Davies said: “For years we’ve been trying to get PCC to do something, we’ve been in contact with our MP and other people and nothing has happened.

“It is terrible, chaos at times. The pavements are narrow, vans go up on the pavements, and when the bins are out it is awful.

“Some people come whizzing through at 60mph and there will be an accident.”

In response, PCC’s highways department has said it is aware of the problems, and it monitors the situation.

A spokesperson said: “We are aware of the complaints regarding Tremont Road, which is the main A483.

“The area does have on and off street parking available and is governed by traffic parking restrictions.

“The road, like others in the town, is monitored by civil parking enforcement officers periodically.”