A quick-thinking six- year-old who provided first aid when her little brother had a seizure has won national recognition.

Roxy-Marie Jones from Llanidloes was awarded for her brave actions and first aid skills at St John Cymru Wales’ National Youth Awards in Cardiff on Sunday, February 26.

Roxy and her little brother, Harley-John, almost two, were staying with their grandparents last summer when Harley had a seizure.

Roxy knew exactly what to do thanks to her first aid training at her local St John Badgers group.

She removed the dummy from Harley’s mouth and put him in the recovery position while her grandparents dialled 999 for an ambulance.

When the ambulance arrived, Roxy greeted the medics and assured them she had been looking after her baby brother.

Harley was taken to Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth for treatment where he made a full recovery.

Roxy was presented with the Badger Life Saver award at the ceremony by chief executive officer Keith Dunn, along with a first aid kit and a defibrillator play set.

Sy Joshua, director of youth at St John Cymru Wales, said: “As soon as Harley-John became unwell, Roxy sprang into action.

“It’s thanks to her quick thinking and first aid skills that she was able to put her baby brother in the recovery position and look after him until the ambulance arrived.

“At St John Cymru Wales, we believe that you’re never too young to learn life saving skills and Roxy’s story demonstrates that wonderfully.

“Our Badger programme teaches children as young as five in first aid lessons that can really save a life.

“We’re delighted to hear that Harley-John made a full recovery with his sister by his side.”

The National Youth Awards recognised Badgers (aged five to 10), Cadets (10-17) and Young Adults (18-25) from across Wales who have gone above and beyond with their commitment to volunteering.

Roxy was not the only Llanidloes Badger at the ceremony, as other members of her group were also present to collect the Lady Dunsany Shield for Club of the Year.

Sett Leaders Angela Jones and Zoe Brandon shared their pride at the group’s achievements.

Zoe said: “Together Angela and I have lead the Llanidloes Badgers for just over two years.

“We have some memorable times and we're very proud of them. Volunteering for St John is made possible due to the great support I receive from my family.”

Angela added: “They’re a lively, enthusiastic group of youngsters and leading them is very rewarding.”