“Why me?” That is the question from a man who had half of his ear bitten off in a horrific attack in Aberystwyth.

On Wednesday, Geraint Jones was found not guilty of GBH with intent at Swansea Crown Court, but admitted GBH and was told by the judge to expect a prison sentence.

On October 31, 2015, Jones sunk his teeth into the ear of Gwynant Jones from Machynlleth, taking off part of his ear.

It was described as a ‘cowardly and unprovoked attack’ during the trial.

Gwynant spoke exclusively to the County Times following a jury finding Jones not guilty.

He said: “It was very disappointing  that it was not guilty, even the judge was surprised.

“I was only there for the evidence, not for the verdict so something must have been said during that time.

“I just still can’t get my head around how can someone not intend to bite someone’s ear, he admitted he wanted to shock me.

“But the damage was done.

“I don’t know what I would say to him, something like what was going through his head to do something crazy like that, or why me?”

Prior to the incident, the defendant had been involved in a scuffle at the bar.

He left and came back, before the horrific attack took place and Gwynant believes it could have been a case of mistaken identity.

He added: “I think he could have mistaken me, there was a scuffle at the bar, he left then came back and it happened.”

He can’t recall too much of the incident, but admits he knew he had pain in somewhere around his ear or his neck, and was informed in the office of the bar that half his ear was missing.

It was discovered on the floor, however it was unable to be re-attached.

“I have had one operation, it was meant to be one but there were complications, and it ended up in two,” he added.

“They have taken cartilage out of my rib cage and put it on my ear and the doctors say it will be 70 per cent back to what it was.”

The first weeks after the incident were painful physically for Gywnant, but it was the psychological effects he also had to battle with.

“I couldn’t sleep for the first few days, but it was the mental side of it, being conscious of it.

“I was going out, conscious I looked daft, and different.

“Luckily it was in the winter so everywhere I went I could wear a hat.

“It was difficult, I was conscious going out for a drink but I am okay now.

“On my own when I am out I am conscious, but it has got better.”

Geraint Jones has been told by the judge to expect a jail term when he is sentenced on March 20.

And Gwynant has now said the only thing he can do is get on with his life.

He said: “I want to know why he did it, but he doesn’t even know that.

“You’ve just got to get on with it, it’s done so I need to get on with my life.”