BBC TOP Gear’s ex-presenter, Chris Evans, has said he would like to review the Riversimple Rasa designed in Llandrindod Wells.

The TV and radio presenter said he would like to test drive and review the ‘newest car’ when it appeared at festival CarFest South, over the August Bank Holiday.

The Rasa, a hydrogen fuel-cell two-seater, emits just a spoonful of water in emissions and was built in Llandrindod Wells by car maker Riversimple.

So far, just its creator, Hugo Spowers, has driven the car.

Evans said he ‘liked the car’ before posing for photos in it at the event, which raised £3.4 million for Children In Need.

On September 3, Riversimple joined in a debate at Bristol University.

The hydrogen fuel-cell car manufacture debated whether a more radical approach to technology will provide answers to global problems.

Resource shortages, climate change and social unrest are just some of the 21st century issues that were discussed by the panel of experts at the Radical Technology Conference.

Riversimple founder, Hugo Spowers, attended the event with the Rasa car, believed to be the greenest car currently on the road.

Prior to the debate he said: “The event promises to be an exciting platform for discussion and planning to help address some of the major issues facing 21st century society. We simply cannot leave the issue of climate change to future generations to resolve. Climate change affects us all, now, and is inextricably linked to poverty, conflict over resources, and poor health.

“Greener mobility is a global top priority, with hydrogen fuel cell cars offering great potential as a cleaner, viable alternative to the way we currently travel, without losing the freedom and enjoyment we get from personal mobility.“