CROSS-BOARDER health services and the opposition to the Mid Wales Wind Farm Inquiry will be at the forefront of plans of Montgomeryshire’s returning MP after pledges made during the election run-up.

Glyn Davies, (right) will return to Westminster for a second term after securing victory at last Thursday morning’s election count by 5,325 votes.

After his re-election Mr Davies spoke of the need to keep accident and emergency hospital services as close to the region as possible.

NHS Future Fit in Shropshire is currently considering moving the emergency centre to one of the following – the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital or another site which has yet to be identified.

Mr Davies said: “I will work together with Assembly Member Russell George to solve the huge issue of health care service.

“We want to keep A&E services in Shrewsbury as close as possible to the county. 

“We have got to keep Shrewsbury health services there rather than Telford and we have to respond to any proposals.”

During a visit to Newtown last month Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who was also re-elected in his constituency, made a promise to concerned health activists that if both men were re-elected that Mr Davies would be involved in any talks regarding the move of emergency centres in Shropshire.

Mr Hunt said during his visit: “We have taken the policy in England that decisions should be made locally, but you have my commitment that if me and Glyn Davies are in power that he is part of the decision making group across the border so the people in Mid Wales’ voices are heard the same as those in Shropshire.

“We have a responsibility to those on both sides of the border and I want to look at how the health service works and the disparity in services.”

During his four-year-term Mr Davies said he would also continue to fight against the Mid Wales Wind Farm Inquiry, the decision of which is now due to be made following the General Election.

The five proposed windfarms, which were the subject of a year long planning inquiry, are proposed to be built at Llandinam, Carnedd Wen, Llaithddu, Llanbrynmair and Llanbadarn Fynydd, but a decision has yet to be announced.

Mr Davies said: “I will continue my opposition against the Mid Wales windfarm and connection project.

“I will do everything we can to stop that plan and protect the future of our beautiful countryside. 

“Now we are in government my party will ensure that it is the end of windfarm subsidies.”

This message was enforced by the re-elected Prime Minister David Cameron during a visit to Powys last week, who pledged to cut the subsidies if he returned to office.

He said: “Frankly I think we have got enough on-shore wind and we have enough to be going on with.

“Almost 10 per cent of our electricity needs, and I think we should give local people a say if they want to block these sorts of projects.

“The only way to stop more on-shore wind is to vote Conservative – there is no other party with this policy. 

“We are saying very clearly we would remove the subsidy and give local people the power to say yes or no.”

Despite his opposition to the Mid Wales Wind Farm Inquiry, Mr Davies said that during the next four-years he planned to sit on a committee for renewable energy.

He added: “Climate change is hugely important.

“We will be looking at small run community projects and more solar powered energy. 

“However, we can’t have any project in Montgomeryshire which requires power lines from Shropshire.”