POWYS is not spending enough on its library stocks, according to a recent performance review.

The latest assessment puts Powys in a below average position compared to other library authorities in Wales, meeting eight out of 14 of its targets in full, and a further four in part.

There were a further two targets which Powys did not meet: rate of replenishment of stock, and annual expenditure on stock.

“It is evident that the authority recognises its areas of weakness,” said the Welsh Public Library Standards assessment for 2010-11, “but financial constraints are increasingly becoming a factor in forward planning.

“The current financial context is common to all local authorities in Wales.”

It added that the current level of investment is 'likely to constrain further progress'.

The Assessment’s findings appeared in a report by County Councillor Wynne Jones, portfolio holder for regeneration and culture, along with head of service for leisure and recreation Chris Jones, which went before the Cabinet on July 26.