AFTER years of having a love – hate relationship with her hair, one lady from Newtown is quite liking her Sinead O’Connor-esque look having shaved off all her locks for charity.

Last Friday, December 22, Tina Robb braved the clipper and had her hair shorn at Blayney’s Hair Academy in Newtown.

She is hoping to raise £1,000 for Macmillan Cancer Research after finding out that a friend is suffering from the disease.

Tina said: “Money is still coming in, I’ve raised £800 so far and the just giving page is still open so, I’m hoping to reach my target.

“Dave Owen is a good friend of mine and we used to work together at Tesco.

“I found out that he’s suffering from throat cancer and this gave me the courage the pick a date and get it done, as I’ve chickened out in the past.”

Tina added: “It only took five minutes.

“I watched my hair being cut in the mirror, I felt quite relieved that it was being cut.

“I suppose, like a lot of women, I’ve had a love – hate relationship with my hair, so I might keep it short from now on.

“My head has been a bit cold, but I can always wear a hat and it will grow back.”

n If you want to donate, visit Tina’s / page.