The newly formed Court Community Club has received a helping hand from members of Radnor Green Party to help improve biodiversity and create an enhanced living space for residents and wildlife.

Volunteers came together on Saturday, October 28, to plant a range of spring flowering bulbs for 2018.

The Court, a small residential area of sheltered housing on Lant Avenue, Llandrindod Wells, surrounds an open grassy square where the planting took place.

Toby Veall, a resident and permanent wheelchair user, following a spinal cord injury in 2010, has led the project to create an informal and naturalistic planting scheme to improve and enhance the quality of life of both the residents and the local community who walk through and share the space.

It is also designed to support insects, butterflies, moths and birds, which are in need of help in our increasingly urbanised environment.

The project recognises the increased financial pressures facing Powys County Council and hopes to help cut costs while creating a more vibrant, engaged and cohesive community in a sustainable and productive manner.

Chris Carmichael, Radnor Green Party spokesperson, said: “Small scale manageable projects like this are invaluable for bringing communities together, bridging age gaps, enhancing living spaces while helping wildlife at a time when it needs most.

“It completely complies with and supports the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, which says ‘It will make the public bodies listed think more about the long-term, work better with people and communities and each other, look to prevent problems and take a more joined up approach’.”

Toby researched the views of the residents and was met with strong support for using the grassed area more imaginatively. Many residents are no longer able to physically garden but supported the project with donations to buy bulbs, raising over £240.

Toby won Best Council Garden in Radnorshire in 2016 for his creative planting design and attention to detail, with assistance from Dr Rob Luxton, an ecologist and Newbridge on Wye resident.

Toby said: “We are delighted to see the community space moving forward. Any project like this needs a lot of consultation but also passion, which can grow over time with the garden itself.

“The enthusiasm of residents and volunteers shows the level of commitment that can be found here.”

The Court Community Club hopes that this garden will inspire many more and would like to thank the council for their vision and support.