Work to a railway bridge that would only take “two hours” will have caused traffic problems for a year by the time it is finally completed.

Temporary traffic lights were installed on the railway bridge on the A470 at Commins Coch, near Glantwymyn, after bricks were knocked off by a vehicle in January

Motorists are now tired of having to stop at the lights and are questioning why the bridge has been left damaged for eight months.

Commins Coch resident John Thomas told the County Times: “The traffic lights were put up and since then nothing has been done.

“They have been there for nearly nine months now and all it needs is about two hours of work.”

Mr Thomas also voiced his concerns that the lights themselves could be creating further problems, saying more damage was caused to the opposite side of the bridge after the lights and concrete blocks were first installed.

“It is in a highly dangerous place. On the Commins Coch side of the bridge, you come around the corner and you are right on the traffic lights. You can see the skid marks on the road.

“I cant believe it is taking so long to repair a bridge that would take someone a couple of hours.”

The Welsh Government, on behalf of the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency, has now revealed that the work will be completed in January – a full year on from when the traffic lights went up – but assured taxpayers that the cost of the traffic lights is being covered by Network Rail.

A spokesperson said: “Following previous road traffic collisions at this location, permanent repair to the crossing requires the installation of a temporary works system on the rail side of the bridge parapet.

“A Special Inspection was scheduled to take place on the September 8 to confirm the extent of repairs required to the bridge parapets.

“This line is a relatively busy line with an hourly service in both directions, and finding a suitable window of availability that Network Rail can accommodate has been challenging.

“Subject to confirmation of Network Rail possession dates, the indicative programme is for works to be commenced in November and be completed in January.”