JUST A few weeks after being released from a Scottish jail, anti-nuclear activist Angie Zelter has been arrested again, this time for protesting against the world’s largest arms trade fair.

Knighton resident Ms Zelter, 66, joined five other people in the roadway at London Docklands, where the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is set to take place from Tuesday, September 12, to Friday September 15.

Ms Zelter from the non-violent campaign group, Trident Ploughshares, (TP) was arrested after linking arms with a “lock-on” tube to other protestors.

This action prevented traffic carrying materials to the DSEI from entering the centre for 90 minutes.

Ms Zelter, said: “Our tax payers money is being used to arm those involved in wars and repression.

“Many of the arms dealers deal in illegal weapons of mass destruction and are implicated in nuclear weapons and we consider that part of an ongoing conspiracy to commit a war crime.”

TP's action is one of many being organised by a variety of groups co-ordinated by the Stop the Arms Fair that aims to stop weapons reaching the ExCeL Centre from both entrance roads, before the fair begins.

The protests are supposed to highlight the involvement of the world's biggest arms manufacturers in production, operation and maintenance of Britain's nuclear weapons.

And also the alleged disproportionate influence this gives them over Government policy, and the ability to lobby the Government to promote their military products abroad.

It is expected that the four-day event will attract more than 34,000 visitor including delegations from regimes accused of human rights abuses such as Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, as well as representatives of the world’s 10 biggest arms companies.

Keynote speakers at the event include Michael Fallon MP, the defence secretary, and Liam Fox MP, the international trade secretary, as well as the chiefs of staff of the British armed forces.