A BRAND new event that will have a bit of something for everybody, will be organised to take place in Welshpool next summer.

The transport themed event would take place in June, so as not to clash with other major events organised by clubs and groups in the area, which mostly take place in July.

Welshpool Town Council's Events and Tourism Committee have explored ideas for a weekend of events that would include, cycling, vintage cars and buses, steam train, aeroplanes, noats, horse drawn and agricultural vehicles and even Hot Air Balloons.

Cllr Richard Church said: “The secret with new events is coming up with something that not going on and building on what we have, which is steam and a canal.

Cllr Chris Davies, said: “There are a lot of clubs locally, enough to put this sort of thing on.”

Cllr Heather Sherlocl said that there that there would be a need to check with other events and makes sure that there were clashes: “We need a weekend where there's nothing on.”

Cllr Shane Squibb added: “Well done to the committee for coming up with these ideas, I was quite excited, reading them.”