A Caersws-based chocolate maker has bagged a sweet contract with the Co-op to supply its hand-poured chocolates.

Lori Whinn (above) became a chocolate maker ‘by accident’ after winning orders at a London trade show for Coco Pzazz’s quirky flavours and design, but then found they could not find a manufacturer to produce them. Production began at the family farmhouse before moving to the Village Workshops, Caersws, in 2016, where Coco Pzazz has nine full and part-time employees.

The listing is a first with a national retailer for Coco Pzazz, who will now supply around 80 Co-op food stores with three varieties of giant chocolate buttons: vanilla salted caramel; peppermint and bara brith.

The move comes as the Co-op commits to doubling the number of its local suppliers.

Lori Whinn, founder of Coco Pzazz, said: “We are really pleased to be working with the Co-op, its locations and community-based approach is supporting our brand awareness and business development, reaching new markets.

“We supply food halls, delicatessens, hotels and restaurants and, we have received new orders from guest houses and others in the Welsh hospitality and tourism sector who have seen our products in their local Co-op.” (FL)