Burger King could be coming to Newtown if a proposed development on part of the Tesco car park is given the go ahead.

Plans submitted to Powys County Council would see the new restaurant and drive-through open just down the road from McDonald’s and KFC.

The proposed site encompasses 70 parking spaces at the far end of the large car park, near the garage. The new Burger King and a retail unit would be 155 square metres and 150 square metres respectively, and would be served by 22 car parking spaces.

It is hoped that the Burger King would create 40 new jobs – 20 full-time and 20 part-time.

On documents submitted with the planning application, the developer said: “This is a very high employee intake per square foot compared to commercial units and they also offer good promotional prospects for the staff.

“The variety of job types including part-time positions provide job opportunity to parents returning to work.”

It says the development would be beneficial to residents and visitors, as well as those passing through the town, and would make use of “surplus parking spaces” not often used by Tesco customers.

“In terms of suitability and benefit of the development in the proposed location, it will provide local residents and users of the Tesco Superstore and petrol station with convenient access to a retail site, with refreshments and meals that are within walking or cycling distance.

“A drive-through facility is not usually a destination use, but rather a temporary stop on route to a destination. In this case, this facility is situated in a logical location with surrounding major road networks consisting of the A483 and A489.”

About the retail unit, it said: “The proposed building would make an ideal retail business centre, with its large windows making it an appropriate customer-focussed business unit.

“It would be ideal for any A1 class business like travel agencies or small showrooms, hence boosting the local economy and employment rate for the local community.”

The plans have been supported by County Councillor Joy Jones, who said: “It’s nice to think we have got some of the big brands recognising our town and interested in coming here.

“It gives people more variety and somewhere else to choose to go.

“That car park is totally under-used, and anything that brings jobs to the town I fully support.”