THE council has offered its help to assist refugees and provide them with a ‘safe and warm welcome’.

Barry Thomas, Leader of Powys County Council, said: “The council is deeply moved by the plight of the refugees fleeing the war in Syria and we want to offer a hand of friendship. In Powys we are eager to help and fully play our part in the co-ordinated national response to the refugee crisis.

“We will be working closely with the WLGA and Welsh Government to find ways to provide assistance to refugees across a range of issues such as housing, education and basic welfare. We will be doing this through the Vulnerable Person’s Relocation Scheme, which offers financial support to help councils provide relief.

“In Powys we can provide a safe and warm welcome to refugees who are in desperate need. We have a strong community spirit in our county, and desire to do what we can to help these vulnerable people who have been forced to flee the most horrendous conditions in their country.”

This week Welshpool woman Rachael Davies has also been collecting unwanted clothing at the town’s youth centre which was a temporary Calais Refugee Donation Point.