Wrestler Opik disrupts bout and agrees to fight

Published date: 14 April 2012 |
Published by: Richard Jones
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Kade Callous grabs Lembit Opik by the throat 

Former MP Lembit Opik was terrified when Kade Callous threatens him 

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FORMER MP Lembit Opik is set for another hiding inside Welshpool Town Hall... only this time it won't come from his Tory nemesis Glyn Davies.
Two years after being booted out of the House of Commons, the Lib Dem lothario has swapped swigging cocktails at Stranger's Bar for Friday nights watching wrestling at Welshpool Town Hall.
But despite the slightly less glamorous pastime, the former I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here star was unable to keep his mouth shut and managed to talk himself into a grudge match with Welsh bad boy Kade Callous at the same venue on June 2.
Annoyed that Kade Callous used foul play to defeat his opponent Iestyn Rees, Lembit joined the rest of the packed out audience in calling the Welsh Wresting star a cheat!
Later in the evening, Lembit again rubbed Kade Callous up the wrong way by costing him the chance of victory in the Rumble by grabbing his arm and distracting him.
Angered by Lembit's actions, Kade Callous grabbed the County Times columnist by the throat, launched him into the ring and challenged him to a fight at Welshpool Town Hall on the evening of the Queen's Jubilee. 
"You're in my world now Lembit," shouted Kade Callous.
"The last time you were in this town hall you lost, on that very stage they stood up and announced to the world that you are no longer the MP of your constituency.
"Now you are going to lose again. Do you really think you can beat me? Do you think you can knock me out? Who do you think you are, John Prescott?
"I will beat you from rope to rope, from corner to corner all over this ring.
"The last person to stick their nose in my business had it bitten off!"
At first a petrified Lembit Opik seemed reluctant to get involved, that was until Kade Callous added: "You're not a man, you're a coward!"
The word 'coward' - combined with the encouragement of the sell-out arena - triggered something off in Lembit's mind that saw him agree to a fight, before being saved from further humiliation when 'goody' Iestyn Rees came to his rescue.
Just moments after his first appearance in a wrestling ring, Lembit Opik said: "I didn't expect to be virtually assaulted in front of hundreds of people - I was quite shaken when he came for me.
"What he said was bang out of order and however little I want to fight against him I feel I have no choice."
Still shaking, he added: " I am not looking forward to it one little bit, but sometimes you have got to stand up and be counted as you cannot let bullies and cheats go unchallenged."
The wrestling evening, entitled 'Black Friday Judgement Night', at Welshpool Town Hall was promoted by Rainbow Records Entertainment of Welshpool Market Hall.
Popular master of ceremonies and ex-Radio Shropshire presenter Mike Breeze, of Rainbow Records Entertainment, concluded: "We really have got a great fight on our hands come June 2, it's going to be fantastic!"

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