Forest Brothers - a review


Bronwen Jones

FOREST Brothers is a thrilling tale set in the deep woods of Estonia.

In December 1918, the royal navy sent a squadron of ships to Estonia, to aid their fight for independence.

Huw Williams, a Welshman, stays behind with Maarja, the woman he fell in love with during his stay in the country.

He is forced back to Britain, however, and lives unhappily, scratching a living, until he is presented with a new mission.

Huw is flung into covert operations, and to a land which has dramatically changed from the one he knew.

He joins the Forest Brothers, and gradually finds his desire for justice and freedom return.

Estonia has changed, and its people, once full of joy and determination, are defeated and bitter.

Huw struggles to find the country he loves in this new, stark landscape.

He is mistrusted and isolated, and full of doubts about the land he considered home for years.

Geraint Roberts has created a fast moving action novel, dealing with themes of trust, power and patriotism.

It is also very retrospective, placing the past alongside the present, and constantly comparing the two, so the reader can witness how the country was in better days through his flashbacks.

These flashbacks help us understand Huw’s motivations.

Roberts’ description belies a love of Estonia which endears you to it.

I found this novel really interesting because it was an aspect of the First and Second World War that I have never studied or known about, and it was refreshing to learn something new.

Forest Brothers is a very interesting, entertaining novel, and I recommend it to anyone interested in the First and Second World War, and those who enjoy a good love story. 

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