To get a taste of what you can expect at Boomtown Festival, which takes place at the Matterley Estate in Winchester every August the County Times caught up with regular festival goer, Jess Needham.

This is her take on what is rapidly becoming one of the UK's most popular festivals...

Boomtown Fair, the world’s maddest city?

Well to be completely honest, the answer to that question is a simple one and the only conclusion that anyone who experienced Boomtown this year could possibly come to is 'yes'!

I have been to many music events and festivals over the years, but never before have I witnessed such ingenuity.

Boomtown is exactly what it says on the tin, a town delivering as much boom as anyone could want.

The idea is a simple one, but the production that goes into making it a reality boggles the mind.

At every other festival I’ve been to you have different areas with different stages offering different music, but take a walk around Matterley Estate during this event and you really are in a town.

Streets leading to more and more streets with very cleverly designed building fronts, but not just for show.

They all serve a purpose, each containing something new and exciting to immerse yourself in, from dancehalls, discotheques, themed bars, and stalls offering a cacophony of vibrant, energetic, and often quirky experiences.

My main highlights of this year would have to be Cypress Hill, whom I have loved since the age of 15.It was a dream come true to finally see them live!

Also Sector 6 and Bang Hai Palace which are by far the most extravagant, chaotic and insane stages I've ever experienced.

Other than these stages, there were all sorts of other hidden gems to stumble upon as you explore the wonderment of this alternate dimension.

For instance the Hidden Woods which hosted Dub, Reggae, Dancehall and Hip-Hop live bands, there is even Kidztown at Whistlers Green which is a beautiful area full of fun for all the family including circus skills, costume making, face painting and so much more.

For anyone who hasn't been to Boomtown before I highly recommend it.

Each year, somehow, the incredible organisers manage to up their game and make it even more extraordinary than the year before.

Massive respect to all the incredible, hard working and dedicated geniuses that were involved in making it
all possible. For everyone who attended the festival, all 60,000 of you, I salute you! Until next time...