Green Man is set in the breath-taking Black Mountains. Maybe it's the shamanistic spirit of the Green Man but being there never fails to inspire four days of freedom, wonder and magic.

Wherever you look there are amazing landscapes, which I think really sets this festival apart from others, it really is the most beautiful festival I have attended. With 1,500 multi-arts performers across 17 stages, you really can hand-pick your own Green Man experience.

I enjoyed so many great acts this year- the amazing Jessica Pratt; blessed with a voice that could bring a sense of mystical wonder to the just about anything, she’s been likened to Joan Baez and similar peers, while also having her songs described as “freak folk”. Her music is wonderful; raw, earthy, and utterly engaging. 

Another highlight was getting to witness the  musical talents of Michael Kiwanuka, inspired as much by folk and pop as he is the soul revival, his songs are a exquisitely realised, led by that stunning voice that underpins everything he does with an effortless sense of class. I was blown away by his set and also his band are so very talented, one of the tightest, professional and emotive sets I've witnessed to the day. I would highly recommend going to see him play live. 

I also especially enjoyed the Chai Wallah's tent this year, one act that stood out for me was Sola Rosa Sound System which is a Nu Skool collective from Kiwi land, bass heavy and laced with hip-hop and neo soul vocals. The special vibe around Chai Wallah's is the product of many things but perhaps one of the most important is the efforts and energy of the crew. Chai Wallahs has a team of highly skilled, dynamic and hard-working crew who all give their efforts to creating a unique ambience and positive vibe to keep you dancing all night long.

Apart from the main stages, there are loads of exciting new areas this year including Babbling Tongues - a revamped spoken word area; Little Folk for 12 year olds and under; Somewhere for 13-17 year olds; and Fortune Fall arts space; a quiet, artistic valley where you’re free to pause for a minute. Decorated with interactive art installations and effervescent lighting. Also Green Man Rising, a new stage supporting emerging musical talent, the stand out act for me at this amazing stage was a band called Sports Team; “with their reputation for an unruly live show preceding them somewhat, this London based collective take a dose of Pavement-like slackerism and blend it with an eye for euphoria to create something that’s as hypnotic as it is forceful.”

On the final night at Greenman, just after midnight, everyone walked up to the Green Man statue which was set ablaze, bringing a ritual end to a magical weekend. Green Man festival is certainly unique, mesmerising and a must for anyone looking to enjoy music in a chilled out, family orientated, picturesque setting. I'd like to thank everyone involved in this years Greenman festival for making it so memorable and magical, and a special thanks to Stacey and Hollie for looking after us!