Eluned Morgan is ITV's choice as best AM in Wales


Elgan Hearn

ELUNED MORGAN  has been named Assembly Member of the Year by ITV Wales.

The Mid and West Wales AM was given award was by Adrian Masters, who presents the Sharp End programme which focusses on Welsh politics on the channel.

At the end of October, Baronness Morgan was promoted to the Welsh Government as Minister for Welsh Language and Lifelong Learning.

Baronness Morgan, was given the award by ITV Wales for her campaigning on Brexit and proposals to boost the economy of rural Wales.

On receiving her award, she said: “I am really pleased to have won this award, which is a highlight of the year in the Welsh political calendar.  

“I am very proud to represent Mid and West Wales again in the National Assembly for Wales, where I have already set about putting the economy first by publishing my Mid and West Wales economic plan securing support from local communities, the business sector and the Welsh Government.” 

Nick Powell, Head of Politics at ITV Wales said: “The judges recognised the Mid and West Wales AM’s campaigning on Brexit and her proposals to boost the economy of rural Wales and ensure that it doesn’t get left behind by the new city regions.”





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  • nightlite

    00:12, 04 January 2018

    How many times has Eluned even visited the region? This award clearly doesn't see contact with constituents as part of being ’The Best AM in Wales’. The fact that we are 'represented' by Eluned Morgan, Joyce Watson, Simon Thomas & Neil Hamilton (Yes, you read that right, Nazi saluting Neil represents us!) in the Senedd is ridiculous. How could they know the issues facing this region?



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